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HOT50 (Bikram Style)
Temp: 105    Humidity: 40%-45%    Time: 50 minutes

This is a sequence of the Traditional Hot Series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. We do 1 set of each of the 26 postures. The class begins and ends with a breathing exercise. This static series promotes focus and determination. Designed to heal, strengthen, and balance the body as well as the mind. All levels.


HOT90 (Bikram Style)
Temp: 105    Humidity: 40%-45%    Time: 90 minutes

This is an extended framework of the Hot50, allowing additional sets of postures so students can experience the postures again.  The overall feel of the sequence is a little slower and can offer a great opportunity to explore postures in more detail. All levels.


Temp: 90     Humidity: 40%     Time: 60 and 75 minutes

The primary goal of flow is to provide a dynamic connection of movement with breath. We link posture to posture with a variety of series designed to address specific areas of the body.  Each instructor brings his or her own flavor to each class providing a unique experience which varies from the traditional HOT50 and HOT90 blueprint. This class is a great opportunity to explore postures not taught in the traditional classes. All levels.


Temp: 80     Humidity: 40%     Time: 50 and 90 minutes

Yin yoga is a restorative practice designed to address the soft tissue of the body. It’s great for injury prevention, rehabilitation, and finding connection between mind and body. All postures are done on the floor and held for a specific period of time to facilitate the slow and safe opening of connective tissues like ligaments and tendons. Yin is a great counter balance to the more active (Yang) styles of yoga and students often leave with the feeling of lightness and peace. All levels.

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